Tips to Improve Communication with the Elderly

Have you ever felt difficult to communicate effectively with your grandfather or grandmother? They didn't what you are saying clearly. It because sensory losses on them. 
Here's are some tips that will assist you in learning how to communicate more effectively with the elderly.
Site face to face According to American Academy of Family Physician (AAFP) is sitting face to face with an elderly person can help to facilitate communication. Many older people have visual and hearing loses and it may rely upon lip-reading or facial cues to understand what you are saying. Sitting face to face also give them the feeling that you think they are important. Maintain eye contact, as this is a powerful form of nonverbal communication that tell the other elderly that you are engaged and interested in that conversation.
Respect differences Generational gaps can create differences in opinion, views, and general outlook on life. An attitude of respect and tollerance for differing belief can help …

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